War Journal: The Incredible World War II Escape of Major Damon "Rocky" Gause

War Journal: The Incredible World War II Escape of Major Damon “Rocky” Gause is the true story of one of the most incredible escapes in all of World War II, with an ending that will surprise viewers. 

Two Americans, Damon Gause and William Lloyd Osborne, both escapees of Bataan-“Rocky" Gause from Corregidor as well who, in 1942, in a leaky 20 foot fishing boat, escaped and sailed from the Philippines to Australia and freedom.

It took Gause and Osborne 52 days and 3,200 miles to reach freedom. 

During the trip the Americans faced typhoons, constant threats from Japanese ships, submarines and airplanes, lack of water and food and even a visit to the world’s largest leper colony. 

When the two Americans finally arrived at General Douglas MacArthur’s office in Brisbane, Australia after their harrowing journey, the only thing one of the war’s most famous generals could say was “Well, I’ll be damned.”

What makes this story so amazing is that both men kept a journal during their travels and also had a small camera on board given to them on one of the islands they visited. We have their daily thoughts and emotions to guide us during their long and treacherous journey, plus some incredible photographs that the men took on their trip.

The WWII Foundation filmed in Bataan, Corregidor, Manila and other locations where Gause and Osborne’s story actually played out to make this film even more stunning visually.

The film is narrated by 3-time Emmy Award-winning daytime soap opera star Chandler Massey, with "voices” of Rocky Gause and his travel companion William Lloyd Osborne provided by Kyle Chandler, who played head coach Eric Taylor on NBC’s Friday Night Lights and in such movies as Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Super 8, King Kong, The Wolf of Wall Street. Tom Kane, voice of the Academy Awards and one of Hollywood’s top voice artists, also lends his voice to this project as Osborne.

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