4-4-43 - Instant Video Access

Lt. Col. William Edwin Dyess and The Greatest Story of the War in the Pacific Narrated by Dale Dye (Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, Band of Brothers). Based on the book Escape from Davao by John Lukacs.

April 4, 1943, ten American prisoners of war and two Filipino convicts executed a daring escape from one of Japan’s most notorious prison camps. The prisoners were survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March and the Fall of Corregidor, and the prison from which they escaped was surrounded by an impenetrable swamp and reputedly escape-proof. Their's was the only successful group escape from a Japanese POW camp during the Pacific war. 4-4-43 is the story of one of the most remarkable incidents in the Second World War and of what happened when the Americans returned home to tell the world what they had witnessed.

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